About Us – Janine Capaldi

Hey there!

I'm Janine Capaldi; a qualified coach working with Business Owners & Organisations to help them grow their businesses by generating leads & high value relationships using social media..

More specifically, using LinkedIn..

My mission is to help people take advantage of the huge opportunity social media brings and to move away from the mentality of using social media for the sake of it.

Otherwise, what's the point!? 

I am here to help you get a Business Result from your investment in social media..

Around 75% of my clients come from LinkedIn and I now teach others how to get the same results through coaching, online training and in house workshops (plus done-for-you services if that is what you are after..)

If you would like to connect with me you can find me here.

Otherwise, drop me an email here: support@capaldimarketing.com